About US
Our business development team is dedicated to seeking corporate and business development partnerships in stem cell research and cellular therapies development. We are interested in discussions and inquiries regarding co-development of products that aligned with our technology and business focus. Our initial development partner, Cambium Medical Technologies LLC, was founded in 2013 by four distinguished physician/scientists as a spin-out of Emory University, Atlanta, Georgia (USA). Cambium is focused on the development of superior regenerative therapies from human platelet lysate and has developed a proprietary process for the production of standardized allogeneic, fibrinogen-depleted platelet lysate preparations for various therapeutic applications. Cambium believes that its platelet-derived products will prove to be superior to competing platelet-based products in development. The Company’s lead commercial product is a superior cell culture supplement for the stem cell growth supplement market.

Website: Http://www.cambiumbio.com/